Sunday, 22 November 2015

I think I just climbed out of the slump

I think I just climbed out of the slump

So recently  life has been quite hectic and I haven't had a lot of time to update this,  I'm going to start by saying that really stressful work I had to do is behind me and it was up to standard  as well.  After that on the Friday I got two  calls about jobs  and went for an interview for one of them yesterday  where I would be working as a fund raiser  I'm pleased to say  if  I  get through the training tomorrow  and Tuesday  I'll be able to start work Wednesday.  Also I'm sleeping better  I sleep at reasonable times  getting up as early as 7 or  8 o'clock now well rested.

So yeah  I'm officially out of the slump and  I won't be earning loads of money  but  I'll be earning enough  to  help out with bills and repairs to the house. I've started recording YouTube videos again with plans for new collaboration  to do my PTSD Play throughs. I'm getting better at editing and my videos are fairly simple right now   but I enjoy making them. That being said I'm doing okay at the moment but I'm still going to be following up with my doctor and actively seeking treatment because yeah  am good today  but I could just fall into another slump tomorrow.

I'm looking into sound proofing my room so my streaming and video making doesn't  bother my family too much.  It'll take time and money  but  I think money won't be as much of an issue when I start work.  I'm still entitled  to be paid by the job centre  so  I will have the money coming in soon  to support me in getting too and from work.  Either way  I'm excited to start this new chapter on good footing if I fall along the way  and end up in a slump  I know I've gotten out of it before   and with what I've written I know  I can get out of them quicker. 

So with this new job I'll be going door to door fund raising for charities, it's commission based but I'll still make £170 a week which is better than the £250 a month the Job centre think is good enough. This has been met with a lot of negativity from friends and from family but it's something better than me staying in bed till 5 pm   and when they started being negative about it it really wore me down.  Then I started to think hang on when I went for this interview  there were lists of fundraisers ans some had been there a really long time  why? If this commission based job was so bad why haven't they left  and why have people stayed long enough to raise money near enough £1,000,000 ? If this job was so bad  why did they stay  and the only answer I can think of is that the job really can't be bad at all.  I mean I understand regardless of what charity  I raise money for I will be knocking on peoples doors and be called worse than shit, I'll be told to fuck off  loads of times but I'll also  get to have a good chat sometimes and raise money for different causes. The people who were being negative and telling me it was a bad idea  have never worked a commission based job before if I'm good at it I'll be paid quite a bit if not I'll be stuck on basic pay until  I get better.

So everyone who reads or follows my blog you can get out of your slump I know you can, you can get back on the horse whether that means getting a job or going to the one you already have.

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