Saturday, 14 November 2015

Hate and Anger

Hate and Anger

Recent events have pushed me to write this  because of what's happened in Paris and Lebanon the recent attacks  by  ISIS  we soon will have a lot more people suffering from mental illnesses. Today some people can't be with their families because their loved ones are no longer breathing  and that would break me all over again if it was someone  I loved. I can't imagine what the people of Paris are going through but I know what life after a traumatic experience is like  and it's not easy. Hate  is easy  and anger even easier   it's something I struggle with on a day to day basis because it's too easy to hate the people that hurt  me  that put me through the trauma.  What's hard is rising above all that hate and anger  letting it mould my work in a positive way  that can help others. 

I won't stop hating the five individuals who attacked me broad daylight  in a town  where I'd always felt safe, I won't sop hating the guy that tried to mug me on the bus and I definitely won't stop hating the two guys that  attacked me on the bus threatening to slit my throat open because I wouldn't lend them my phone the month after. I'm never going to feel happy thinking about them , I'll never befriend  them and although they  make me feel a strong hatred and anger towards them  I'm not going to spread that either. Since then I'm able to concentrate that anger and hatred into something better  and that's  written work to help others. 

That's why today it's important that we learn what to do with our anger  our hatred towards these acts  and we  direct it towards the  people involved not the ideals they stand for not their religion we direct it towards the people that did it. That's the most important part because this is where even more innocent people start to get hurt. The people that have caused me the most pain in life , the people who caused my trauma weren't Muslims they were people from my own town  no faith to speak of and they are still my mind some of  the most vile disgusting people  on planet. Just like  in Paris  the people who caused all that death and destruction  weren't Muslims they we're deranged  misguided individuals following an ideology that doesn't belong in any faith or religion. 

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