Monday, 30 November 2015

All the good all the bad all led up to this point

All the good  all the bad all led up to this point
I've spent years reading the book of five rings, confusious quotes  and a  bit about buddhism as well, I always found mazing lines of text that would motivate me, make me feel stronger, less sad  and sometimes unbreakable.  I felt  it was amazing that these people wrote these lines hundreds of years ago  and they're helping me today. One Buddhist quote  I remember is that  "life is suffering" and that can be interperted in many different ways  one being end the suffering  end our lives  but thats not the way I would interpert  it  I see it as it is life is suffering  and to live is to endure   and keep moving forward.  

Look back on your life right now  and you will see points where you were low   and points where you were the happiest person  alive, parts where you felt strong parts where you felt weak , the bits where you changed the bits where you stayed the same because no one is who they were last year,  5 years ago or ten years ago we change over time.  This led me to a realization that  all the good things  happened in between all the bad things happening  and when something good happens after a bad thing you have to accept all the bad things that happened.  Why?  Because all the good all the bad all led up to this point  now at the  start of last week  I got a new job  it felt amazing   and friday  I had to quit that job because I couldn't manage the travel or the effect it would have on my mental health. Even though  I'm jobless and me quitting that job is likely to affect my universal credits  in some way I accept it for what it is  and all the good things that happened that week and all the bad lead me to the next point.

Everyone has different things that make them feel strong, for some it's their  self esteem  others their own personal health  for me it's my own words that make me feel strong.  I actually used that a few days ago saying all the good all the bad all led up to this point  and someone read it said  "yeah  I understand how you feel sometimes you just have to admit when you're defeated"  This go me thinking about how it would be interpreted  and you can interpret it in any way you want but when  I say  all the good all the bad all led up to this point it's not because I feel defeated  it's because I'm still living I'm still breathing , I've enjoyed the good  and survived the bad and I'm still here and I'm ready for what comes next. It had nothing to do with feeling defeated  it was everything you feel when you have adrenaline surging through your body. I felt great  and every time you see that quote  I want you to feel great as well   because I know when you're going through something awful there's something amazing around the next corner  don't feel defeated feel ready.   



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