Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Aims, Objectives and the future

I want to create something that people can relate to a tangible form of media that they can interact with I believe talking frankly about mental illness and disorders  is the only way to deter those who don't understand the illness or fake the illness. My main aim is to get more people involved and blogging about their own issues because I only have PTSD  and Depression to deal with   a friend with OCD asked me if I was going to do one about OCD  and I said I  haven't been able to yet because I don't know enough about  OCD  to  write about it. After saying that I asked if she would help me out with it because I can write about Depression and PTSD  because I suffer from both of them  a little  bit about anxiety because I can be a little bit socially anxious I just don't have an anxiety disorder  at least I don't feel like I do. 


  1. create blog content and blog regularly 
  2. set up on different social networking sites  
  3. gain interaction through those social networking sites
  4. experiment with the blog
  5. start getting guest bloggers involved
  6. start doing pod casts and interviews

Guest blogging 
The guest blogging will be me inviting someone on with a disorder that I don't have that I can't relate to They'll write a piece similar to mine probably better  and I'll post it up at the bottom  with a link to their blog and a picture of them at the bottom. Possibly even a link to a podcast.

Pod Casts 
Pod casts  are something I've been wanting to try for a while not just with those with illness or disorders but people who have had family with illness and disorders and talking about how it effects them. I'll also be trying to sign post available help  and alternative treatments  if  I can. It won't really be a person focused exercise   it would be more of a subject matter exercise so  the subject of Stigma, PTSD, Depression, Fake Depression ect

Interviews are going to be much further down the line  this is where we'd focus more on the person  and their issues and the history that lead up to those issues developing,  So you can see more and more how someone can slip into depression what can cause it and what can make it worse.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Stigma

The Stigma
The stigma is something all those suffering from depression, anxiety and other disorders and mental illness  have to deal with. Let's face it no one wants to sound crazy  or seem crazy because  those with depression or anxiety a lot of us don't want to make a big deal about it   because we know we're going to get told to just cheer up or just calm down. I myself have gotten into the worst sleeping pattern possible  it's becoming impossible just to function as a human being now ask  yourself is telling me to go to bed earlier  going to help?  No of course not because it would be just 5 hours  looking up at my ceiling  so I try to be active  and do things in that time while I figure out what's going to fix me.  

The Stigma itself  from the point of view of someone with depression is mostly our unhelpful thoughts  sometimes assuming people won't understand can be your worst mistake however sometimes they don't and they tell you to cheer up , clam down or get an early night and it's just laughable. We all want to be happy  and live happy lives  but some of us can't just conjure happiness  out of no where Stop thinking about  polar bears Ice skating  on the moon right now! Did you manage it ?  Most of you probably not and that's what those with anxiety get met with "No Need to be anxious" , "stop worrying", "stop thinking about it" and it's no ones fault really  saying that to someone with an anxiety disorder isn't going to help them  it's going to make them more anxious.  I don't get  asked this often enough   and I don't think anyone does  when they tell someone they have a mental illness  or disorder , but the best thing you can say  would be  "Is there anything I could do to help?"    because one thing we  all feel is pressure and the one thing we all crave is release from that pressure.  Show the person that you care and you want to understand how they're feeling if you really want to help that is.  Even my best friends  just leave me with a solid "man that sucks :/"  and it just get's left like that  for a good while   because either they're going through similar things .  It's not because they're mean or they don't understand my situation  because really they  get it  but they also know   there's not a lot they can do about it or for me.

Stigma is an  ever growing problem  in the world,  I'm starting to get sick of it myself and I've been sitting on this topic for a few weeks now because there  was too much to write about. I despise that the mentally  ill are still being made to be feared    we are very much all being tarred with the same brush  in the media. I'm not on the autistic  spectrum  but my brother is I know a few others who are and it's a disorder which gets lumped in with mental illness  and here's the thing you're not born with mental illness they develop over time and through situations  but some are born with autism . Every time America lets one of their high schools get shot up like they're going for some record  what's the second  reason other than gun control  the person does it ?  If you said mental illness get yourself a cookie unless you have a debilitating over eating disorder in which case get your self a rice cake ^_^ . The third reason  as I've seen in the past were claiming autism was the reason why some one decided to shoot up their school.

Now I'm going to tackle these things one at a time starting with gun control,  if you can walk  into your local supermarket and  buy a gun  that is bat shit  insane! I would know  and look it doesn't matter what  background checks you do   once that gun leaves the locked cabinet it can end up any where  and in anyone's hands bet the mum in Walmart  had a pretty good background  check what did the background check find on her two year old? Some  sort of severe debilitating  mental illness making him thirst for blood? Probably when he grows up if he finds out what he did he's going to find it hard to live with himself and become a victim of bad gun control.  Personally  I think as a rule you  shouldn't have guns in the first place but as an extra rule no guns without a safety catch.

Right the next thing would be Mental illness now we already have that kid whose going to make it into the system at some point  where there's no funding and even worse there's absolutely no understanding of mental illness within America. No why is there no funding ? I see you can afford nuclear weapons, predator drones and guns in every nook and cranny so  why  can't you afford to fund a mental health service in the united states?  When  you  literally  can't get injured without   costing you a couple of grand, where does that money  go  exactly  ? Because it's not going into funding other services.  Right also I have a mental illness I have PTSD  and depression  I've never wanted to hurt anyone  or even wished harm upon anyone as a result of this mental illness  I even play lots of violent video games  and  yeah I get angry  but I know the difference between what's right and wrong. 

Autism doesn't make you kill people it makes  it difficult for you to socially interact and we live in a society that makes life difficult for those  who can't interact socially as well as others so  they're shunned , excluded and made fun of for something they can't really help. Some days I can really  hate my brother he's not incapable of being a horrible human being that much I know  but when he was young half the stuff he got  shit for at school he never deserved.

also take a look at this article seems like  the worlds starting to catch on