Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Social Isolation a War room for your suicide

Social Isolation
Now don't lie we all do it  we all have or will do at some point socially isolate ourselves  if we have depression  and this can be both good and bad  so lets talk about the bad first to get it over with.  Isolating yourself in such a way e.g. not leaving the house in days, weeks or months  can have a strong effect on how we interact with human beings in the real world  and this could go either  way   because I've come out of social isolation before with barely enough confidence to string a sentence  together  and other times more recently  even  I've come out with enough confidence to stop caring.  After long periods of Isolation  I've developed stammers not severe  but enough to really annoy me and that's where  streaming an YouTube helped me  I was communicating with an audience or a partner . A lot of us however are slaves to our economic setting   living in an area of poverty means you're more likely   to socially  isolate yourself  and even times I feel like that "how is this guy  from Durham going to do anything  meaningful?" and that's all I really want to do  make my life leave a mark  I mean I have other goals alongside that obviously. If someone feels like that it's difficult to continue  with their lives  it's living without seeing light at the end of  the tunnel  and a lot of the time these people are just going through the motions thinking this is how things are going to be,  Now if you're a follower of my blog I know  this may sound contradictory to stopping social isolation, if you read  the Dokkodo  in my earlier  post you do  need to  accept everything the way it is but that doesn't mean you can't do anything about it just accept the situation first then  evaluate it and  see what you can do about it.  The deeper or longer the isolation the more likely you are to forget  the circles you were in where you were accepted  and  you start to feel unworthy of those circles and those friends and trail of thought only leads to darker and darker places.  As horrible as it sounds and I hope it doesn't come across as callus social isolation  isn't  just shutting yourself out from the  world for a while , isolate yourself long enough and it becomes the war room for your suicide . So if you have depression or have a friend with depression you need to reach out   and make them feel safe and not alone.

Now that we've gotten that out the way there are good parts of social Isolation   and that is thought , being alone with your thoughts can be just as helpful as it can be dangerous  and sometimes you do need to be alone it's not unhealthy  as long is it's not excessive if  you need to take some time yourself then go do  that.  Once you understand the unhealthy  attitudes social isolation causes you to develop it's a lot easier to curb those bad habbits myself  I always used to feel  like I was bothering people  or that  I had nothing worth saying this was because of many different factors social isolation being one of them and family being the other. I know I'm  the youngest in the family  and for years this lead to me being talked over, talked down to and sometimes just ignored. So I've always felt like an outsider and  I still do   I'm still made to feel as if my opinion doesn't matter in a lot of cases.  The only  thing that keeps me going is  that I know enough  and  I have enough common sense  just to get on with things and this does  mean  I don't get involved in discussions with family or about family matters because  I want to communicate with people who would treat me like an equal even if there is a difference of opinion. This is mostly because  when  my brothers girlfriend starts  talking the only  thing  I want to say  is "shut up you're a fucking moron"  that's my first go to response  and it's not fair  of me to say  she's a Moron it's an assumption  based experience listening to her previously  but still  I've been banking these since the 20th of  June. That's a long rambly example  of discussions I don't involve myself in  because  I'd rather be on here  having meaningful   discussions about real issues.

I'm not here to encourage social isolation tough  it's one of the things  I want discourage   because a lot of people commit suicide when they social isolate themselves, I've been there and social isolation was my war room it  was horrible  and at times it was exactly what I needed to go seek help.  I've been Isolated with a strong group for friends  around me  and then I've been Isolated with no one  so  you would think  I could gauge which one was better?  You would be wrong because when you're socially  isolated   it's you and your thoughts having the active discussion and it's the only discussion that matters "are we going to keep going on like this?" I've been there more than once  and I'll wager I'll get to that point again at some point in my  life but each time  I chose to continue I was at a different level in life, stronger willed more confident  and sometimes just cocky  with no idea what was coming next .

My favourite  quote to leave you with  and it's one that keeps me going any  time  I'm low or hit rock bottom "if you get knocked down 7 times get up 8"   

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