Sunday, 23 August 2015

Fake Depression Vs Real Depression

Fake Depression Vs Real Depression
I should stress that this is mostly personal opinion and again based on my own experiences. I do feel that there are people out there who fake depression   and these people stand out  because to them depression is more a go to excuse than an illness. My self and a lot of others who have depression it's guarded secret you tell to people you trust  but it's not just a case of telling people it's how you interact online  as well it kind of re-writes the book a little bit.  Now I know of several people  who have put  up a Facebook status telling people that they're going to commit suicide now is this a cry for help? Or is it a cry for attention ?   A lot of the time it's the latter it's just a cry for attention that being said there's still a problem with that person but it's most likely  not severe depression in my opinion.

I had a friend and for the sake of anonymity we'll call him Dick , now Dick used to talk to me about his depression all of the time now I wasn't depressed at the time  and I didn't really understand depression but he liked to send me instant messages through MSN Messenger at the time (really showing my age here) telling me he was going to slit his wrists, take an overdose or hang himself I would have to call his mam every time to check he was okay and 100% of the time Dick was fine doing nothing special  , not stringing together a noose  or sharpening blades. I used to get quite pissed off with the threats and after a while I stopped  listening. Shortly after a string of arguments about the threats of suicide and him being turned down by a girl he really liked Dick genuinely attempted suicide  and swallowed over 50 pills  high strength pain killers, luckily for him his body rejected a good bulk of them  and he was in hospital for a few days.   I went to visit because no one else would , I felt obliged to and  we chatted for a bit trying to understand why he did it. I had to leave when he bragged about knowing the right number of pills to take next time.

I don't want to make it seem like the kind of people that do this don't have problems they certainly do have problems but  when Dick actually attempted suicide  there was no warning, no Facebook status no messages  it comes out of no where.  It's pretty much the boy who cried wolf and social media can be rife with it a times.  So how do you tell the difference? Well people who suffer from depression tend to reflect everything inwardly  don't get me wrong we still vent about things but ask how we're doing and we're always just fine. It's common knowledge by now it's all fake smiles and jokes and the depression just bubbles under the surface.

credit where it's due  is  here's a link to the I'm fine picture  ^_^ I'm Fine

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